Startop Interlocking Brick Company Limited was established in 1999 to operate a business of manufacturing machinery for Interlocking Brick and producing Interlocking Brick. Previously, the executives have done the business in construction and decoration design. From many years of work experience, they have an idea to find new construction materials to replace the existing ones, taking into account that new material must be environmentally friendly and not destroy the environment. And most importantly, must be strong and durable. So they're think about the Clay house (House built with clay) and later know that the Ministry of Science and technology of Thailand has experimented and researched about Interlocking brick (In Thai called "Blockprasan").

     Our executives had join and learn about Blockprasan research, makes their known that Blockprasan has existed in Thailand since 1974 or earlier. They thought to develop it to be more strong and modern brick style so they established "Startop Interlocking Brick Company Limited" in order to manufacturing the Interlocking brick making machine. We have produced the Interlocking brick to use in testing the machine and raw material consistently for develop the machine and Interlocking brick to be more perfect. For many years we have developed complete machines to produce Interlocking brick with high standards.

     As we have the knowledge and experience about construction for a long time therefore we know the heart of construction is material. If the materials used do not have enough standards, will cause many problems. We take this into consideration important. So, we develop the machine to produce the Interlocking brick with perfect, high standard to reduce construction problems, save time, save labor costs and reduce construction costs as well.