Startop Interlocking Brick Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 to engage in the business of manufacturing interlocking block briquette machinery and interlocking block production. decorative design From many years of working experience The management had the idea to find new construction materials to replace the old materials that were made in consideration that This new material must be able to live well with nature and not harm the environment. And most importantly, it must be strong and durable, so look at a clay house or building a house with clay. Later, it was learned that the Ministry of Science and Technology had experimented and researched on this interlocking block.

       The company's executives have also participated and learned about this research, so they know that the interlocking blocks in Thailand have been around since 1974 or earlier. The management therefore thought to develop this interlocking block to be stronger and more modern in shape. Therefore, "Startop Interlocking Brick Company Limited" was established to produce interlocking block briquette machines and interlocking block briquettes were pressed. To be used to test machines and test raw materials on a regular basis. And in this test, to develop a more complete machine and interlocking block. For many years we have perfected the machines. and produce interlocking blocks with high standards

       from people with knowledge and experience Construction for a long time Thus making them know the heart of the construction work. If the materials used are not good enough standards. It will cause many problems, so we take this into account very well. Therefore, we have developed a machine to make interlocking blocks. which is complete with high standards to reduce construction problems, save time, save labor costs and reduce construction costs as well